£995.00 + vat-60%   (£1,194.00 inc vat)


Rotowash M30 Refurbished MAINS Powered Floor Scrubber Dryer

£995.00 + vat-60%   (£1,194.00 inc vat)

  • 30cm/12″ Scrubbing Width
  • 2 Litre Solution Tank
  • Multi-Surface For Various Floor Types

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The Rotowash M30 is a twin brush multi-surface S/Dryer. Works forwards and backwards. Cleans into corners. Effective on non slip safety floors, tiles, grouting, carpets, escalators & matting etc. Leaves floor ready to walk on in minutes.


Complete With: UK Cable, Standard Multi-surface Brushes.

Rapidly Dry, Thoroughly Clean.

The combination of our contra-rotating brushes and the gravity feed water system allows our dual pass machines to produce unrivalled levels of cleanliness. Used in a forward and backward motion, the machines clean and dry as they work, leaving all of your surfaces deeply cleansed and ready for use within minutes.

We offer both our dual pass Professional range, consisting of a stick handle with an optional tank, and our dual pass M-Class range, featuring a heavy duty A-type handle with 7-10 litre tank, as shown below.

Operator Presence Control.

To comply with European legislation for commercial cleaning machines, Rotowash machines are fitted with an “Operator Presence Control (OPC)”. This operator safety device automatically stops the machine motor in the event of the handle being accidentally dropped. Sometimes also referred to as a “dead man’s handle” it switches off the machine’s power when an operator is not in control.

Brush width 30 cm
Brush diameter 110 mm
Brush motor 700 watts
Brush speed 650 rpm
Clean water tank 2 litres
Waste tank 2 litres
Weight 25 kg
Cable length 10 metres
Height (under cabinets) 22 cm Depth 32 cm Width 40 cm
Hard floor coverage up to 420 sqm per hour
Carpet floor coverage up to 180 sqm per hour
Emergency stop in the handle

30cm brush width.
Ideally suited to hospital wards, corridors, sports centres, catering areas and department stores.

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Weight 40 kg


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