Cleaning Machine Storage

Cleaning Machine Storage is available, long and short term for most types of cleaning equipment including floor scrubber dryers, sweepers, steam cleaners and more

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Equipment Storage Facilities

With our large warehouse facility at our offices in Lancing, West Sussex (South of London) near Brighton we are able to provide long and short-term secure storage solutions.

We can also maintain equipment whilst in storage, such as keeping batteries topped up and charged.

We also provide a comprehensive stock rotation solution which is popular with large cleaning companies who have large amounts of machinery or for companies whose contracts may have come to end. Equipment comes into our storage facility, and our engineers then check and test the equipment and provide an assessment of any work which needs to be carried out to the equipment in order for it to be ready to go back out to the site. Customers may use this facility to rotate their current stock of equipment rather than renew it which can provide excellent cost-saving benefits. The equipment can be simply made to work, or fully refurbished depending on the customer’s requirements and budget. If the equipment is beyond economical repair it can be disposed of saving on unnecessary storage costs.

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