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Professional-grade cleaning with used floor scrubber dryers for sale

Do you want to add reliable cleaning power to your fleet and provide an even better service to your customers? Buying second-hand scrubber dryers is a great opportunity to take the sting out of a sizeable investment whilst maintaining cleanliness at your facility. Let us showcase an extensive selection of used scrubber dryers from Kärcher, Tennant and other leading brands. If you need help deciding which machine is best for you, our experts can advise on the one to pick based on your budget constraints, floor size, power consumption and noise level.

Buy a used scrubber dryer floor cleaner

No corners are cut when it comes to our commitment to quality control. Before showcasing floor cleaners, our skilful technicians check them for faults and service each unit until it reaches operational excellence.  For pre-owned floor scrubber dryers, we use the same rigorous processes as for new machines:
  • Inspection: We examine all components, including filters, motors and batteries, for your floor cleaner to align with high performance standards.
  • Testing: We run tests on each second-hand floor scrubber dryer, including electrical and operational performance tests.
  • Warranty: All refurbished machines come with a 6-month warranty to ensure your floor cleaner runs like clockwork.

A second-hand floor scrubber dryer is a sound financial decision

Value is one of the most significant benefits of expanding your cleaning equipment fleet with second-hand units. Used scrubbers cost a fraction of the price compared with brand-new alternatives. Plus, many used floor scrubber dryers for sale have been in expert hands and correctly maintained, meaning they are prised for efficient operation as if they were new. Thanks to careful use and thorough servicing, you can rest assured your machine won’t let you down or cost more in repairs. Other advantages of buying second-hand scrubber dryers include:
  • No unnecessary splurges on missing parts. You get your scrubber ready for use with a battery kit, standard brushes, an external charger and more (depending on the model).
  • Eco-friendly choice. You care about nature since pre-owned equipment contributes to reducing pollution in the UK by keeping machines in operation for extended periods.
  • Full service. Cleaning Equipment Services is available to provide complete maintenance services for all types of used machines.
Check out our second-hand floor scrubber dryers online and pick the one that can successfully take on all the hard work for you. You will be surprised by how much it can add to your cleaning performance.

Get the Most Out of Used Scrubber Dryers

Are you searching for an effective floor cleaning solution that is both budget-friendly and eco-conscious? Used scrubber dryers could be the answer you’ve been looking for. We’ll explore the advantages of choosing used scrubber dryers, how to ensure their quality and performance, tips for buying a reliable machine, and the benefits of renting versus buying.

Key Takeaways

  • Investing in a used or refurbished floor scrubber dryer is a cost-effective solution for superior floor cleaning without compromising on quality.
  • Thorough inspection and servicing of the machine, along with investing in new batteries, are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • When selecting a seller, consider their reputation as well as warranty and after sales support to guarantee high quality machinery.

Advantages of Choosing Used Scrubber Dryers

Hako B115R Refurbished Ride On Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer Opting for used scrubber dryers offers numerous benefits, such as cost savings, eco-friendliness, and availability for a range of cleaning needs. We will further elaborate on these benefits by examining the economic efficiency of second-hand machines and their environmental impact.

Cost-Effective Solution for Floor Cleaning

Investing in a used floor scrubber dryer is an economical choice for superior floor cleaning. Acquiring a second-hand machine opens up opportunities to own top brands like Kärcher and Tennant without the hefty price tag of a brand-new unit. These floor scrubbers provide excellent performance and value for money. The Numatic walk-behind scrubber dryer is a great example of a mid-size machine with strong features. It offers:
  • Large-scale capabilities for reliable cleaning
  • Heavy-duty battery pack
  • Larger tanks for fewer refills
  • More productive cleaning routine
Another cost-effective option is purchasing a fully refurbished scrubber dryer from Kärcher Used Equipment, which provides efficient floor cleaning and a pristine finish. Choosing a second-hand or refurbished machine allows you to economise without compromising on quality or performance.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Selecting a used scrubber dryer not only saves you money but also contributes positively to the environment. Opting for second-hand machines contributes to waste reduction and promotes sustainability. The production of new scrubber dryers can have environmental impacts, such as carbon emissions and resource utilisation. Acquiring second-hand equipment prolongs its lifespan, reducing the demand for brand-new machines. Prolonging the lifecycle of a scrubber dryer is beneficial for sustainability, as it reduces resource consumption and waste. Optimising the lifespan of scrubber dryers through routine maintenance reduces their environmental footprint, fostering a more sustainable approach to floor cleaning.

Ensuring Quality and Performance in Used Scrubber Dryers

Karcher Scrubber Dryer, Resin floor Thorough inspection, servicing, installing new batteries, and warranty support are vital to maintaining the quality and performance of used scrubber dryers. Let’s explore these measures in more detail to ensure you get the most out of your used machine.

Thorough Inspection and Servicing

A comprehensive inspection and servicing of a used scrubber dryer are crucial to maintaining its optimal performance and longevity. Skilled technicians perform checks on various components, such as:
  • squeegee blades
  • batteries
  • tanks
  • filters
  • brush pads
They follow manufacturer guidelines and inspect the machine part by part. Regular maintenance checks, as well as monthly and annual servicing, can help extend the life of the scrubber dryer and increase its effectiveness. During the inspection process, common issues that may arise include:
  • Ineffective water pickup
  • Unsatisfactory cleaning results
  • Blockages in the water system
  • Malfunctioning of the squeegee assembly
Addressing these issues via routine maintenance and servicing ensures peak performance of your used scrubber dryer.

New Batteries for Optimal Performance

Substituting old batteries in second-hand scrubber dryers is a necessary step for optimal performance and longer machine life. New batteries, particularly lithium-ion batteries, can significantly improve the performance of used scrubber dryers, increasing efficiency and allowing for longer run times between charges. Additionally, new batteries reduce noise pollution, energy consumption, and carbon footprint. Recognising the signs of a failing battery, such as reduced run time or inadequate water release, is crucial to ensure the machine’s performance remains optimal. Investing in new batteries markedly boosts the performance of your second-hand scrubber dryer.

Warranty and Support

Warranties and support services play a vital role in providing peace of mind and assistance when needed. Used scrubber dryers typically come with warranties ranging from 3 months to 1 year, with some reputable companies offering extended warranties of up to 2 or 3 years. By reviewing the warranty terms and conditions, you can determine the exact components covered under the warranty for a given used scrubber dryer. This information, along with after-sales support, ensures that you have a seamless experience with your used machine.

Tips for Buying a Reliable Used Scrubber Dryer

save-money-icon A successful purchase of a used scrubber dryer hinges on choosing a trusted seller, evaluating your cleaning needs, and thoroughly inspecting the machine before finalising the sale. We will examine these tips more thoroughly.

Choose a Reputable Seller

Selecting a reputable seller for used scrubber dryers ensures that you receive a high-quality machine and reliable customer service. Evaluate factors such as the seller’s reputation, quality brands, customer reviews, warranty and after-sales support, and price and value. You can also verify the seller’s reputation by reviewing customer feedback on platforms like eBay or Amazon, examining their website for certifications, and using search engines to gather information about the company. Companies like:
  • Kärcher
  • Tennant
  • Victor
  • Numatic
  • Truvox
  • Lindhaus
These companies are known for their high-quality cleaning equipment, including brushes. are renowned suppliers of used scrubber dryers. By choosing a credible seller, you can avoid potential risks such as poor condition, lack of warranty, hidden defects, and safety concerns.

Assess Your Cleaning Needs

It is imperative to assess your cleaning needs, taking into account factors like:
  • floor area
  • floor type
  • lift compatibility
  • pre-sweep function with sweepers
before buying a used scrubber dryer. The size and layout of the cleaning area significantly impact the selection of a scrubber dryer, determining the cleaning width and manoeuvrability required. For larger areas, a ride-on scrubber dryer may be more suitable, while smaller and more confined spaces may require a compact walk-behind scrubber dryer. Power requirements are also essential to accommodate various scrubber dryer models based on cleaning needs. It is crucial to consider the proximity of a power supply and the battery life for cordless models to guarantee they meet the necessary cleaning runtime.

Inspect the Machine Before Purchase

Inspecting the machine before purchase helps identify any potential issues or concerns. Evaluate components such as spare parts and consumables availability, brush head, battery, tank, and filters. It is also recommended to request pictures or a demonstration of the machine prior to acquisition and to assess the overall condition and maintenance record of the scrubber dryer. Be aware of indications of wear and tear when inspecting a pre-owned scrubber dryer, such as impaired water pickup, worn or damaged squeegees, and brush not scrubbing. A thorough inspection of the machine before buying guarantees its proper working condition and its capacity to meet your cleaning needs.

Renting vs. Buying Used Scrubber Dryers

The Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Buying Industrial Cleaning Machines Deciding whether to rent or buy a used scrubber dryer depends on your individual needs and preferences. Both options offer unique advantages, which we will further elucidate.

Advantages of Renting

reviews, thumbs up, thumb up, benefit, stars Renting a scrubber dryer offers the following benefits:
  • Increased cleaning speed
  • Enhanced hygiene and efficiency
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to purchasing
  • The ability to utilise floor cleaning machines that sweep, scrub, and vacuum simultaneously
Lower upfront costs are associated with renting, as you only pay for the duration of the rental period, avoiding the need for a substantial initial investment. A range of scrubber dryer models are available for rental from companies like:
  • Cleanhire
  • Crescent Industrial
  • Sharpe Maintenance
  • Elan
  • Fleet Clean
Renting provides flexibility and access to various models, making it a suitable option for many businesses.

Benefits of Buying

On the other hand, buying a used scrubber dryer brings long-term economic benefits by eliminating ongoing rental fees and providing the flexibility to use the machine at your convenience. Furthermore, owning a pre-owned scrubber dryer allows you to:
  • Tailor it to your exact requirements
  • Customise the settings and features to suit your specific needs
  • Have full control over its maintenance and repairs
  • Avoid the hassle of returning rented equipment
  • Save money in the long run
Used scrubber dryers typically have a much lower purchase price than new ones, often costing a fraction of the price of a brand-new alternative. Investing in a second-hand scrubber dryer provides you with:
  • Control over your equipment
  • Enhanced efficiency through time savings
  • Superior hygiene
  • Reduced maintenance


In conclusion, used scrubber dryers offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for various cleaning needs. Ensuring quality and performance through inspection, servicing, new batteries, and warranty support is essential. By choosing a reputable seller, assessing your cleaning needs, and inspecting the machine before purchase, you can find a reliable used scrubber dryer. Both renting and buying used scrubber dryers have their unique advantages, depending on individual needs and preferences. Embrace the benefits of used scrubber dryers to enhance your cleaning experience while promoting sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are floor scrubbers worth it?

Floor scrubbers are worth it because they allow surfaces to dry quickly and effectively remove any residue. They offer a range of benefits compared to traditional mops and buckets.

How long does a floor scrubber last?

With proper maintenance, a floor scrubber can last for years. Regularly replacing the pads and batteries will ensure that the unit continues to perform optimally.

Should you use a scrubber?

Using a scrubber dryer is significantly more effective and safer than mopping, and it can save time for other important tasks. Therefore, using a scrubber is highly recommended.

Do floor scrubbers really work?

Floor scrubbers are effective in lifting out set-in grime, stains and even mould from hardwood, laminate, tile and other surfaces. They suck up all the dirty water and greatly reduce cleaning times by at least 50%. So yes, floor scrubbers really work!

What are the main benefits of purchasing a used scrubber dryer?

Purchasing a used scrubber dryer offers significant cost savings, effective performance, and an eco-friendly option for cleaning.