Cleaning Machine Refurbishment

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Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Equipment Refurbishment

If you currently own equipment which you are not using, then why not consider refurbishing it to bring it back to life? It will save you from having to spend out on new equipment as well as being environmentally friendly. We’ve had years of experience at this and you’ll be surprised how little it costs to make your equipment like new again!

Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd can carry out the major and minor refurbishments of most cleaning machines at our workshops.

Whether your equipment is in need of a light aesthetic refurbishment to bring it back to its former condition, or you’ve just found a block of dust rotting away in the corner of a warehouse which needs a complete overhaul, we can carry out a level of refurbishment to suit your needs.

We can refurbish your equipment back to ‘as new’ condition with new batteries, filters, panels etc. or if you are working to a budget, we can re-condition the machine to suit your needs.

We also provide a comprehensive stock rotation solution which is popular with large cleaning companies that have large amounts of machinery or for companies whose contracts may have come to an end. Equipment comes into our storage facility, and our engineers then check and test the equipment and provide an assessment of any work which needs to be carried out to the equipment in order for it to be ready to go back out to the site. Customers may use this facility to rotate their current stock of equipment rather than renew it which can provide excellent cost-saving benefits. The equipment can be simply made to work, or fully refurbished depending on the customer’s requirements and budget.

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