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When people search for the equipment they need to keep work locations clean, they often debate whether they should get something new or used. Getting a new machine is an attractive proposition, but sometimes doing so is not viable in terms of cost. Often, a better solution is to buy used cleaning machines instead. They work just as well as something new, but they are far less expensive. Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd has a large supply of new machines waiting to be bought at affordable prices. 

How our used cleaning machines service can help you 

Our customers not only save thousands shopping at our store but also get equipment that has been completely refurbished and equipped with new filters, brushes, and other parts. Additionally, many of our machines are the latest models with low use. 


Rely on our reputable store to order used cleaning machines for sale and turn the following to your advantage:


  • After-sale support. Our technicians are always available to lend their assistance if it is needed. 
  • Financing. Items that cost over £1,000 can be financed through our finance company.
  • Delivery with training. Your used cleaning machine will be delivered promptly, and training can be provided at a little extra cost. 
  • Service wherever you’re located. We deliver our products to customers not only in London, but Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, and other locations. 

Whether you are buying used commercial floor cleaning machines or pressure washers, you can expect to get a quality device that will last you many years to come. Plus, every kind of support you need will always be available thanks to our highly trained and experienced employees. With over 20 years of experience selling cleaning equipment, we know best how to meet your needs. To make an enquiry or a purchase, contact our customer service.

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