Hire Delivery is charged at £1 + vat per mile from West Sussex BN15 8TH (min £25 + vat). This price includes training at the point of delivery.

Hire Collection is charged at £1 + vat per mile from West Sussex BN15 8TH (min £25 + vat). 

Purchase Delivery charges vary, depending on the item/s. Aproximate rates are £9.95 + vat under 20 kilos and £45 + vat over 20 kilos for delivery without training. For delivery with training, please refer to ‘Hire Delivery’ above. Please contact us on 01903 755128 or email for an acurate quote.

The Customer will allow and/or procure sufficient access to and from the relevant site and procure sufficient unloading space, facilities, equipment and access to utilities for Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd employees, subcontractors and/or agents to allow them to carry out the Services. The Customer will ensure that the site where the Services are to be performed is, where necessary, cleared and prepared before the Services are due to commence. If any Services are delayed, postponed and/or are cancelled due to the Customer failing to comply with its obligations the Customer will be liable to pay Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd’s additional standard charges from time to time for such delay, postponement and/or cancellation except where the delay is due to a Force Majeure event.

Customer Collection is also welcome and training can be provided at the point of collection free of charge.

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