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If you’re looking for industrial floor sweepers, then you need to hire our sweepers! Our commercial sweepers are designed to efficiently clean large areas in a fraction of the time. Available with a variety of features and sizes, we have a sweeper that is right for any business. Our industrial floor sweepers are specifically built to tackle industrial and commercial environments. We understand that industrial businesses need reliable, powerful machines that can handle the toughest messes. That’s why we rent industrial sweepers with features like advanced sensors for precise navigation, heavy-duty cleaning brushes, adjustable water flow rates and more.

Rent Commercial & Industrial Floor Sweeping Machines For Hire

Hiring commercial & industrial cleaning equipment is our primary business. If you need to hire a floor cleaner of any type then we have the machines for you! We hire cleaning equipment for almost any floor cleaning requirement whether it be to clean a shop or warehouse in a day or an entire shopping centre or airport over a 3 year contract we hire industrial cleaning machines for the job!

Results & Reliability Guaranteed

Our dedicated commercial & industrial hire fleet has been selected from the top major manufacturers, therefore producing results and reliability. Each machine selection has been based on: - Quality of results - Reliability - Build Quality - Customer feedback and satisfaction. All of our industrial and commercial hire cleaning machines are maintained to the highest standards, so you can be assured of peak performance. Each machine is thoroughly checked, cleaned and serviced prior to hire as well as detailed inspections and tests prior to delivery so you can ensure that your machine will be received in excellent working order. In the unlikely event of a fault, we will repair/replace your machine within 24 hours or we will extend your hire to compensate for any machine downtime at our cost.

Best Price Guarantee

We check our prices regularly, therefore if you find the same machine at a lower hire price anywhere else, we'll refund the difference! (Excludes special offers and price comparison/auction sites).

Dedicated Commercial & Industrial Hire Fleet

From vacuum cleaners to ride on sweepers, for any occasion we can supply, deliver and maintain equipment from as little as 1 day depending on your requirements. Our commercial & industrial hire fleet is made up of the leading brands so you can be assured that you are receiving the best machines such as Tennant, Nilfisk, Karcher, Numatic, Truvox & Steam Clean Systems Victor etc. We supply scrubber dryers, sweepers, steam cleaners, pressure washers, floor scrubbers, wet vacuums, floor polishers, escalator cleaners, chewing gum & graffiti removal machines, plus much more. We have over £1m worth of premium brand industrial cleaning machine hire, available for next day delivery from our head office in Sussex, near London in the South East.

Why Hire?

Hire is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons which brings a variety of benefits. Some of these include:

Free up your time

Let us take on the hassle of sourcing, checking, servicing, maintaining, delivering etc your cleaning equipment. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements & let us know if there are any problems. We'll take care of the rest.

More time & peace of mind for Cleaning & Facilities Managers

Recent research has shown that Cleaning & Facilities Managers spend up to 1 day each week tackling equipment-related issues & managing equipment. We have taken this into consideration and as a result, our dedicated hire fleet is inspected and tested before every hire, regularly maintained & inspected whilst on site & guaranteed for results & reliability.

Simple regular monthly payments

Regular payments will help you to budget. You won’t incur surprise costs and it will also help to keep administrative costs down. In the current climate with cleaning contracts changing hands more frequently than before, it is risky to invest large sums of money in cleaning equipment which you may not need long term.

Flexibility and Choice

You can select from a wide range of different machines and machine types. If you feel that you would prefer something a little bit bigger or a different type of machine altogether we can arrange this for you. This gives you the ability to select what’s right for your needs without having to make do with an un-effective machine which you have purchased.

Tax Deductible

Hiring is 100% tax deductible which may help to reduce capital gains tax and because you are not listing the cost of your cleaning machines as assets, your balance sheet will feature fewer depreciating assets.

Improved Cash flow

You won't need to outlay capital upfront. Instead of tying up large portions of your capital budget, the funds can be used for other, more profitable uses.

Inclusive Repairs & Servicing

All repairs and maintenance with Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd are free of charge when due to fair wear and tear. A replacement will be made available in the event of a breakdown so that a working machine is always available.

No Long Term Commitment

Hire periods are flexible from as little as 1 day!

Our Long Term Hire Includes:

  • Operator Training
  • 2 Services per year
  • Safety inspection and testing (PAT testing)
  • Option to change machine if desired*
& unless due to misuse, also included are:
  • All call outs
  • Labour charges
  • Parts (excluding consumable items)
  • A replacement machine is provided if a repair is to take longer than 48 working hours
*Option to change for same or higher value machine, which may require an adjustment in the hire rate.

Delivery / Collection

Collection is welcome, or otherwise we can deliver/collect for £1.10 per mile from Lancing, West Sussex (minimum £25).

Do You Deliver Near Me?

We deliver to:   South East England (UK) Including Greater London:     Bedfordshire Ampthill, Bedford, Biggleswade, Dunstable, Elstow, Luton, Leighton Buzzard, Sandy, Woburn   Berkshire Abingdon, Bracknell, Newbury, Maidenhead, Reading, Windsor, Wokingham   Buckinghamshire Aylesbury, Amersham, Beaconsfield, Buckingham, High Wycombe, Marlow, Milton Keynes, Olney, Stony Stratford   Hampshire Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Fareham, Farnborough, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Portsmouth, Silchester, Southampton, Winchester, Newport, Watership Down   Hertfordshire Berkhamsted, Hatfield, Hertford, Hemel Hempstead, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, St. Albans, Watford   Kent Ashford, Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Maidstone, Margate, Ramsgate, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Rochester, Sevenoaks   London Boroughs – Greater London Camden, City of London, Chelsea, Fullum, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith, Islington, Kensington, Lambeth, Lewisham, Newham, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Wandsworth, Westminster & West End   Oxfordshire Abingdon, Bampton, Banbury, Bicester, Burford, Buscot, Carterton, Henley-on-Thames, Charlbury, Chipping Norton, Didcot, Dorchester, Thame, Oxford, Wallingford Wantage, Witney, Woodstock   Surrey Brixton, Croydon, Guildford, Kingston-on-Thames, Sutton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Woking   East Sussex and West Sussex Arundel, Battle, Brighton, Bosham, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Crawley, Eastbourne, Hastings, Haywards Heath Horsham, Lewes, Shoreham-by-Sea, Worthing

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Efficient Industrial Floor Sweeper Hire: Your Guide to Hassle-Free Cleaning Solutions

If you’re fed up with dedicating numerous hours to manual cleaning processes, have you thought of renting an industrial floor sweeper? We will break down the advantages of hiring a specialised machine like that and guide you in how to get the right one for your requirements. Our advice can help optimise productivity as well as improve your cleaning procedures.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the right industrial floor sweeper to suit your needs, assessing factors such as size and layout of cleaning area.
  • Hire an industrial sweeper for cost-effective solutions with hassle-free maintenance and flexibility to meet changing demands.
  • Follow best practices for optimal performance, including regular aftercare tasks, troubleshooting & operator training.

Choosing the Right Industrial Floor Sweeper for Your Needs

When it comes to achieving the best clean results, investing in an appropriate industrial floor sweeper is essential. The key factor when deciding which one should be used lies in considering features that will match the cleaning area and job requirements for optimal outcomes. Companies of all sizes can find a suitable solution whether they need a small workshop or large warehouse sweeps covered.

Ensuring cost-efficiency while still providing excellent performance starts with obtaining an industrial floor sweeper specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs – from sweeping floors through car parks and beyond!

Assessing Your Cleaning Area

When assessing the dimensions, layout and floor surface of your cleaning area, don’t overlook any access issues such as ramps or steps. This data will help to select an industrial sweeper best-suited for the job at hand.

Various sweepers are built for different surfaces including tiled floors, polished surfaces and carpets. So you need to consider what kind of dirt usually appears in this space, a thick brush is required if heavier particles accumulate while lighter ones require thinner, more flexible brushes.

Matching the Sweeper to the Job

Finding the right sweeper to meet your company’s cleaning needs is essential. Walk-behind, propane or battery powered sweepers can be used in inside spaces such as offices, stores and warehouses. When it comes to outdoor areas like car parks and sports grounds, specialised machines are available that specialise in maintaining synthetic sport surfaces as well as eliminating dust particles from pavements or blocks plus general sweeping of grit too. Ensuring you select an appropriate sweeper will enable a more efficient procedure tailored specifically towards fulfilling all business requirements with effectiveness by doing just one job –sweeping!

Key Features to Look For

When seeking to hire a sweeper, it is important to consider the various features that will impact its performance and how well-suited it would be for your cleaning needs. Factors such as manoeuvrability, type of power source used (electric being optimal) as well as noise levels should all be taken into consideration in order to choose one best suited for your business’s requirements.

Electric sweepers are particularly known for their efficiency when compared with others. Providing a larger surface area coverage while simultaneously reducing cleaning time – making them an ideal option if these characteristics meet up with what you need from the equipment hired out.

The Benefits of Hiring Industrial Sweepers

Hiring industrial sweepers has many perks such as cost effectiveness, no fuss maintenance and adaptability to shifting demands. Rather than purchasing a floor sweeper outright, hiring can offer an extended time frame for paying with potential tax benefits too. Sweeper hire contracts include service and repairs so you’ll not have to worry about any Upkeep or issues that may arise.

Leasing also gives the advantage of being able to adjust what kind of sweeper is used if needs are changing in your business, giving even more flexibility when it comes to keeping up with those changes on your floors!

Cost-Effective Solutions for Businesses

The advantages of renting industrial sweepers are numerous when compared to buying them. Hiring can provide an economical solution, with businesses being able to save on the full market price for a machine by spreading the cost out over time and taking advantage of potential tax deductions. It eliminates large upfront investments as well as avoiding any depreciation costs associated with purchasing equipment outright. The flexibility that comes from hiring also means specific products can be hired tailored to individual jobsites or tasks at hand.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Hassle-Free

The act of hiring industrial sweepers provides a seamless maintenance and repair experience due to the terms within the agreement. This ultimately helps businesses concentrate on their core operations, as any upkeep or repairs are taken care of by those providing the hire service – ensuring that all sweeper equipment is kept in top condition at all times.

Flexibility to Meet Changing Demands

For businesses undergoing rapid expansion, or seasonal and temporary projects, hiring industrial sweepers is a great way to keep up with ever-changing needs. By opting for sweeper hire in particular, your cleaning equipment can always remain current and effectively meet the demands of growth within your business. This flexibility allows you to adjust machinery accordingly so that it’s able to handle whatever comes its way. Floor sweeper hire offers Advantages when it comes keeping on top of all necessary cleaning tasks too!

Comprehensive Range of Industrial Sweepers for Hire

The selection of industrial sweepers available for rent is vast, accommodating any cleaning needs you may have. A ride-on sweeper would be ideal if you require a bigger area to clean and pedestrian models can cater to smaller areas with tight spaces. Whatever the special requirement might entail, there’s an option from this extensive range that will suit your specific purpose—all for hire!

Pedestrian Models: Compact and Manoeuvrable

Industrial sweepers come in a compact, agile form known as pedestrian models. These offer an array of advantages such as improved productivity and the ability to navigate tight spaces better than larger alternatives. Not only are they small enough for even more remote locations, but feature wide sweeping paths which increase their cleaning efficiency along with high speeds. All this is protected by robust construction while large waste containers allow them increased capacity when tackling industrial settings like workshops, retail stores or warehouses that need thorough cleanings done quickly and efficiently.

Ride-On Sweepers: Efficiency for Larger Areas

Ride on floor sweepers are engineered to effectively clean larger surfaces such as car parks, warehouses and construction sites. Providing greater performance than pedestrian models, these ride on options help users save time by eliminating the need for physical effort when cleaning a ride-on surface. Sitting down while using this equipment is possible with its sweeping path design which offers an enjoyable option from a seated position.

The powerful scrubbers boast wide paths for cleaning along with ample capacity containers that can collect waste efficiently and sophisticated filtration systems effective in dealing with different types of debris like dust particles making it easier to keep large floors spotless quickly.

Specialised Sweepers: Meeting Unique Requirements

For businesses requiring specialised cleaning services, tailored sweepers are available to suit any specific requirements. Among them is the Nilfisk SW750

 sweeper, which is especially suitable for maintenance in the service industry, local authorities and tennis court areas. One can find sweepers that excel at dust suppression as well as hazardous material removal. With such a selection of options made to fit different needs perfectly, your business can benefit from improved efficiency during its clean up processes while having maximum performance ensured by using an adapted product.

How to Ensure Optimal Performance of Your Hired Sweeper

Ensuring that your hired sweeper is used safely and efficiently, as well as performing necessary maintenance procedures and troubleshooting diligently, will ensure the best possible performance for its cleaning tasks. Adhering to optimal practices prescribed by manufacturers can help maintain peak conditions of operation while also giving you superior sweeping results.

Operating Your Sweeper Safely

Safety should be an essential factor when operating any industrial sweepers. Before use, make sure to read the guidance booklet carefully and follow all safety precautions. Appropriate PPE such as goggles, gloves and steel-toed boots must also be worn at all times for maximum protection during operation of these machines. Employing such practices will guarantee your wellbeing while handling this equipment.

Maximising Sweeping Efficiency

Optimising the efficiency of your sweeper requires paying close attention to its settings and maintenance. You should adjust brushes according to the floor surface you are cleaning as well as what kind of debris it will be facing, so that maximum performance can be achieved while doing a thorough job. Maintaining proper machine upkeep involves making sure brushes and filters get cleared out after each use too. All these steps contribute towards keeping your device running at an effective pace when dealing with surfaces or messes on them. Thus ensuring optimal results from every single sweep!

Aftercare and Simple Troubleshooting

To ensure that your hired sweeper operates at optimum performance and remains in great condition, regular aftercare should be practiced. This can involve draining the recovery tank, thoroughly washing it out as well as emptying and rinsing the solution tank while also ensuring to regularly check its battery power levels. By following these steps of maintenance one can prevent any troubles from arising with their machine while keeping it functional for a long period of time.

Streamlining Your Cleaning Operations with Sweeper Hire

Integrating sweeper hire into your cleaning operations can enable you to gain streamlined processes, increased efficiency and improved overall cleanliness of the facility. By including this within your schedule, providing training for effective use and assessing its effects on the business - it will help ensure that you’re getting optimal value from employing a sweeper.

Integrating Sweeper Hire into Your Cleaning Schedule

Organising a cleaning plan to include the hire of a sweeper will optimise its use. Figure out how often you need it and adjust as necessary, so your floors stay in clean condition. With frequent hiring of sweepers, time is saved, an environment remains healthy for workers, manual cleaning reduces drastically while core duties become the focus. Productivity improves with efficient results from this workspace-enhancing strategy.

Training Your Team for Effective Use

For optimal use of the hired sweeper, it is necessary to provide proper instruction. Instruct your personnel in both how to operate and keep up the machine according to manufacturer guidelines as well as safety regulations.

By providing suitable training, you guarantee that everyone will be able to properly utilise this appliance efficiently with maximum security which results in a more productive workplace environment overall.

Evaluating the Impact on Your Business

Regularly examining the effect of sweeper hire on your company should involve evaluating variables such as cost savings, increased efficiency and hygiene. Assess how successful your cleaning processes are in order to maximise performance - by paying close attention to what you spend on hiring a sweeper, you can make sure that it is beneficial for business growth.

It’s essential that any needed modifications be done so that the gains brought forth through hiring a sweepers help propel success.

Customised Hire Plans to Fit Your Business

For businesses seeking custom hire solutions, there are a range of choices to meet their needs. This includes short-term hires for immediate requirements, long-term options for continued support and personalised agreements that can be tailored according to the business’ specific demands.

Short-Term Hire for Immediate Needs

Businesses can access industrial sweepers on a short-term basis, offering them an immediate solution to their cleaning needs. This option has numerous advantages such as flexible weekly payments, servicing and repairs included in the package with no long-term commitment involved. Businesses have the chance of using top quality equipment without having to commit large amounts initially for purchasing it outright.

Long-Term Hire for Ongoing Support

For any business in need of regular cleaning services, a long-term hire agreement offers continuous support and upkeep. Such contracts often include operator training for using the equipment, periodic servicing to maintain its condition as well as ongoing maintenance response in case it requires repairs. This ensures that all your necessary cleaning apparatus stays up to scratch over time and continues satisfying your requirements on an extended basis.

Personalised Hire Agreements

By collaborating with your sweeper hire supplier, you can construct a tailored contract that contains the necessary items, support and services to meet all of your specific cleaning needs. This personalised agreement provides great flexibility so it is able to change as per evolving necessities for business operations.

The negotiation process between you two can ensure the requirement is fulfilled in terms of delivering efficient equipment along with assurance of top-notch customer service when hiring sweepers for daily maintenance tasks or other special occasions within workplace premises.


Industrial sweeper hire offers an efficient and cost-effective method to enhance the cleanliness of any workplace. From customisable options catered towards specific needs, to incorporating it into cleaning routines and training personnel for its use - this service provides a flexible approach that can be tailored to businesses’ individual requirements. Investing in industrial sweeper hire is undoubtedly the smartest choice when looking for ways to streamline their commercial sanitisation solutions today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a floor scrubber and a floor sweeper?

Floor sweepers utilise brush bristles for collecting dust particles and other debris, while floor scrubbers are machines that pair a squeegee with a brush along with water and cleaning agents to attain an even deeper clean. Sweepers, scrubbers, floors, all of these things can work together to ensure the space is free of dirt and grime.

What is industrial floor sweeper?

Industrial sweepers are machines created to get rid of large particles and dust from the ground, utilising rotating brushes or a blend of both brush and vacuum cleaners. The collected dirt is then held in an onboard container for waste materials. This equipment successfully removes debris while keeping industrial floors clean on account of its effective sweeping technology.

What is the best sweeper you can buy?

For 2023, the are a range of best sweepers depending on your needs. The Scrubby SW100 is best for small areas, the Nilfisk SW750 for medium spaces, and the Hako Jonas 900V and 980E for larger areas with heavier debris. The Nilfisk SR 1450 D is best used for industrial settings, and the Hako City Master 90 is designed for urban environments. Each model is tailored to specific cleaning requirements, providing versatility across different settings.

Do carpet sweepers really work?

Carpet sweepers have been known to work well on multiple types of flooring, providing effective and long-lasting results. However, they might not perform optimally on high pile carpets due to not picking up all dirt items.

Electric carpet sweepers often work better because their brushes run continuously even when you’re not pushing them.

What factors should I consider when selecting an industrial sweeper for my business?

When choosing an industrial sweeper, think about the dimensions and design of your cleaning environment, what kind of debris has to be cleared away, particular cleaning tasks at hand, and important features such as navigation capabilities, power source employed and noise levels.