Charity Donations

We’re grateful to be a successful business and believe it’s important to share our success with those most in need.

Thanks to you, every month, we donate to the following charities:

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February 2020 Update:

Cleaning Equipment Services Ltd have added to our list of charities that we donate to monthly. 8 billion trees have teams on the ground in the Amazon and around the world actively stopping illegal deforestation, saving animals and wildlife and replanting trees in reclaimed deforested areas. Great work guys! You have our full support from

Sign Up & Change The Planet In Seconds!

This convoy of animal lovers is going viral…for their daring mission to save the planet and animals…with 25 million trees!

Posted by 8 Billion Trees on Friday, 31 January 2020

Ongoing Commitment

We also like to keep up to date with who is doing great work locally and around the globe. We asked some of our customers for worthy nominations that they’d like us to make a £100 donation to.

We had a fantastic response. Some customers had personal stories and wanted to help the charity that helped them, some were actively fund raising and looking for support and various other charities were nominated for a range of great reasons.

Initially we were looking to donate £100 per month, however, due to the overwhelming response we made the decision to double this to £200 per month over the next 12 months.

We commited to make a £100 donation to each of the following charities at the request of our customers:

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