Floor pads vs brushes

New to floor cleaning? Confused about what type of pad or brush you should use? Read on: Using floor machines during your floor maintenance procedures will make the job easier and less time-consuming. Often, customers feel that they are just not getting the cleaning performance that they are looking for and it’s often not the […]

5 Main Types of Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Need cleaning equipment for your business but don’t know what to get? Over the last 25 years we’ve found these machines to be the most popular and effective to use for your business. Below we summarise each cleaning machine and discuss why these machines are so popular! STEAM CLEANER A steam cleaner provides a deep clean, removing dirt and stains whilst also killing […]

Buying New Vs. Used

Is it worth paying full price for a new machine? Is buying a used machine risky? We have one of the largest ranges of new and used commercial and industrial cleaning machines to buy from. It can be difficult to decide whether a new or refurbished machine will best suit your needs. Here we will weigh out the advantages and […]

8 Most Common Steam Clean Questions (FAQ)

Steam cleaners are rapidly rising in demand. Thus more questions are occurring. Throughout the years of working with steam cleaners and customer service, we have received many questions and so the following questions are the most common questions we have been asked. 1.  What is a steam cleaner? A steam cleaner may look like a […]

Steam Cleaners vs. Carpet Extraction Cleaners

A “Steam cleaner” is what a lot of people refer to as carpet cleaners. You’d think a carpet extraction cleaner would be better to use due to its speciality and popularity in the past. However, steamers are becoming more popular day by day and can be used on a great range of surfaces. So could […]

Dry Vacuum vs. Wet Vacuum Cleaners

Dry vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners are both vacuum cleaners, however, they operate differently. Understanding the differences is important to ensure you are purchasing or hiring the correct product that suits your needs. Dry Vacuum Cleaner A dry vacuum cleaner cleans up dry materials only. These include dust, dirt, and germs. A dry vacuum should never vacuum up wet surfaces. A vacuum can […]

Scrubber Dryer vs. Sweeper

Sweepers and scrubber dryers are both floor cleaners, however, they operate differently. Understanding the differences is important to ensure you are purchasing or hiring the correct product that suits your needs. Scrubber Dryer A scrubber dryer (also known as floor scrubber) scrubs dirt off the floor and dries it. The size of these machines range […]

Donating to Sea Shepherd

The latest addition to our growing list of charities that we support is the international non-profit organisation called Sea Shepherd. This organisation is a dangerous, life-risking job with the aim to protect the species and the ecosystem to ensure a surviving future by ending wildlife and habitat destruction. The over 40 years old organisation directly involves themselves […]

5 Common Pressure Washer Mistakes

1. Forget to Angle the Spray Whether new or not, it is common to forget to angle the spray when using the pressure washer. But spraying the dirt directly, causes the dirt to seep deeper into the surface and blowback dirt all over the place. By properly washing at an angle, the spray lifts the […]

Cleaning offices, shops, factories, warehehouses etc is more important that ever in the current climate. Tests have been carried out comparing cleaning with scrubber dryers rather than mops to find out if hiring a floor scrubber is really necessary.

Benefits of Using Cleaning Machines Versus Mops

Why is it so important to keep floors hygienically clean?  Not taking into consideration the current crisis, we have as many as 50 direct and indirect contacts with floors every single day. On top of that, cross contamination is possible if the floor is contaminated, as it’s often the way.  You might be familiar the […]

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