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Numatic WV470-2 New (240v or 110v) Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Original price was: £253.00.Current price is: £206.00. + vat-19%   (£247.20 inc vat)

  • Mains Powered 110v Or 240v
  • 20 Litre Wet Capacity
  • For Domestic Use
  • For Light Commercial Use

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    Wet or dry vacuum cleaner a with powerful 1060W two-stage motor. 20 Litre wet capacity. The Numatic WV470-2 comes with a safety float valve for wet use & big filters. It also comes with a disposable dust bags for dry use.


    Complete With: Hose and floor tool.
    110v – 830686
    240v – 761116

    The Numatic WV470-2 offers a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, boasting double the capacity, all while maintaining the same high-performance standard for both wet and dry cleaning tasks. It’s crucial to understand that for professional use, it’s imperative not to mix wet and dry operations, as this could lead to a container filled with an almost muddy mixture that becomes challenging to empty and severely impacts performance.

    Rest assured, all our machines are designed for either wet or dry operation, and switching between the two is a breeze. Simply exchange the dry filter for a wet safety float valve and change the floor nozzle, or vice versa. This user-friendly process ensures seamless transitions and optimal efficiency. Despite the increased capacity, we’ve also incorporated a folding handle design, enabling effortless movement during use and allowing for compact storage when not in operation.

    Moreover, the accessory kit included with the Numatic WV470-2 provides an array of tools suitable for both wet and dry cleaning. The stainless steel tube sets come as a standard addition, ensuring durability and longevity in all your cleaning endeavours. With the Numatic WV470-2, you’ll experience unparalleled cleaning power and convenience, making it the ultimate choice for professional cleaning needs.

    Key Features of the Numatic WV470-2:

    Double Capacity:

    Offers twice the capacity compared to the 370-380 series.

    Versatile Performance:

    Maintains high-performance standards for both wet and dry cleaning tasks.

    Separate Wet and Dry Operations:

    Designed to prevent mixing of wet and dry operations for optimal performance.

    Easy Switching:

    Seamless transition between wet and dry operations by exchanging filters and nozzles.

    User-Friendly Design:

    Folding handle design for effortless movement and compact storage.

    Comprehensive Accessory Kit:

    Includes tools suitable for both wet and dry cleaning.

    Stainless Steel Tube Sets:

    Standard addition for durability and longevity.

    Ultimate Choice for Professionals:

    Unparalleled cleaning power and convenience for professional cleaning needs.

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