Original price was: £1,395.00.Current price is: £895.00. + vat-36%   (£1,074.00 inc vat)


Numatic TTQ 1535 Refurbished Mains Floor Scrubber Dryer

Original price was: £1,395.00.Current price is: £895.00. + vat-36%   (£1,074.00 inc vat)

  • 35cm/14″ Scrubbing Width
  • 15 Litre Solution Tank
  • 700 sq m Coverage Per Hour

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The Numatic TTQ 1535 Refurbished Mains Floor Scrubber Dryer has been meticulously engineered with a focus on compactness, user-friendliness, and exceptional manoeuvrability during operation. Its thoughtful design ensures ease of use, making it a convenient choice for various cleaning tasks.

The machine’s oversized transit wheels further enhance its mobility, allowing effortless movement to and from any desired location. Whether you need to clean large areas or navigate through tight spaces, the Numatic TTQ 1535 Floor Scrubber Dryer proves to be a reliable companion, simplifying the cleaning process and delivering remarkable performance.


Complete With: New Brush, Filters & Squeegee Blades.


Key Features:

Efficient Cleaning in Compact Spaces:

The Numatic TTQ 1535 Refurbished Mains Floor Scrubber Dryer efficiently cleans floors in small and confined areas.

Cylinder Power Brush:

The powerful cylinder power brush on the machine ensures thorough cleaning performance.

Twin Water Pickup Nozzles:

To accommodate narrow walkways commonly found in shops and food stores, the scrubber dryer features twin water pickup nozzles on both sides of the brush roll. This enables multidirectional operation, allowing forward and reverse movement without turning and maintaining scrubbing and drying performance.

Multidirectional Operation:

The machine’s design enables operators to walk forward and reverse without turning, enhancing manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

Swing Steering System:

The Numatic TTQ 1535 incorporates a swing steering system for full directional control. This innovative feature adds versatility to the machine, making the cleaning process more efficient and seamless.

How Are Our Machines Refurbished?

We dismantle and inspect all Refurbished Machines, replacing any worn or damaged parts. We clean, restore, and treat the bodywork to make it look as good as new. The machines are then supplied:
– Fully Serviced
– With New Consumables, Filters, Brushes, Blades Etc.
– With All Accessories Required For Immediate Use
– Set-up & Tested
– Ready To Go!

Why Buy From Us?:

– Free Advice
– Training Available
– Try To Buy Available
– Spread Your Costs With Optional Finance
– 6 Months Guarantee On All Machines
– 12 Months Guarantee On All Batteries
– Full After Sales Back-up & Support

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