Buying New Vs. Used

Is it worth paying full price for a new machine? Is buying a used machine risky? We have one of the largest ranges of new and used commercial and industrial cleaning machines to buy from. It can be difficult to decide whether a new or refurbished machine will best suit your needs. Here we will weigh out the advantages and […]

8 Most Common Steam Clean Questions (FAQ)

Steam cleaners are rapidly rising in demand. Thus more questions are occurring. Throughout the years of working with steam cleaners and customer service, we have received many questions and so the following questions are the most common questions we have been asked. 1.  What is a steam cleaner? A steam cleaner may look like a […]

Steam Cleaners vs. Carpet Extraction Cleaners

A “Steam cleaner” is what a lot of people refer to as carpet cleaners. You’d think a carpet extraction cleaner would be better to use due to its speciality and popularity in the past. However, steamers are becoming more popular day by day and can be used on a great range of surfaces. So could […]

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