buying old vs new cleaning machines

Buying New Vs. Used

Is it worth paying full price for a new machine? Is buying a used machine risky? We have one of the largest ranges of new and used commercial and industrial cleaning machines to buy from. It can be difficult to decide whether a new or refurbished machine will best suit your needs. Here we will weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a new and refurbished used machine to help you decide what is best for you.

New Machines

We are partnered with the top brands (including Tennant, Nilfisk, Karcher, Numatic, Truvox, Steam Clean Systems and more..).


Greater range of Categories – we provide a greater range of categories compared to the used machines. Our range includes floor scrubber dryers, sweepers, escalator cleaners, steam cleaners and more.

More Reliable – buying a new machine with new components usually leads to long-lasting use with minimal difficulty. The machine is, therefore, more reliable.

Manufacturers Guarantee – by buying new you will receive a manufacturer’s guarantee for a year or in some cases 2 years to ensure you receive the greatest use of your product.

Build Confidence – knowing the machines are new and reliable helps you feel more confident with your purchase. We also check to make sure the machines are working at their best and offer training to make sure you are handed over a machine with confidence.


Price – paying the full price due to the machines being new can be expensive. However, we have a pay-by-month system available to help make your payments easier. Plus right now there are currently sales on our machines!

Used Machines

We have a wide range of fully refurbished used machines which are refurbished to a very high standard at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.


Cheaper – Purchasing a used machine is much cheaper which is great if you are on a budget!

Good as New – due to our excellent engineers, our used machines can perform as good as new. We also offer new consumables, brushes, filters, and more to assist an effective clean.

6 Months Guarantee – Although it’s good as new, we still like to ensure you achieve the best results and after months of owning the machine which is why we give a 6 months guarantee as well as 12-month guarantee on batteries

Wide variety of Brands – our used machines offer a wide variety of brands to help make sure you are able to find the most suitable product for you and your budget.


Not as Reliable as New – as the machines have been used before and some of the components that may have not been replaced increases chances of errors occurring compared to a new machine. This makes the product less reliable. However, we have fully serviced, set up, and tested the machine as well as given a 6-month guarantee to ensure it is as reliable as possible. Any worn items are replaced with genuine parts where required.

If you’re finding yourself leaning towards a new machine then why don’t you check them out here and see our BIG SALES! and if you are considering purchasing a used machine check out our HUGE SAVINGS!

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