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Top 3 Best Cleaning Machines to Clean Cork Floor

1. Hard Floor Scrubber:

Cleaning cork floors with a Hard Floor Scrubber can effectively maintain their appearance and prolong lifespan by using rotating brushes or pads to remove dirt, grime, and other buildup. To avoid damaging delicate cork material, select a model with soft brushes specifically designed for delicate surfaces.

2. Orbital Floor Machine:

Cleaning cork floors with an Orbital Floor Machine is a great way to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains while also preserving the natural beauty of the cork. The machine’s gentle yet powerful scrubbing action will leave the cork looking clean and refreshed without causing any damage to the material.

3. Steam Cleaner:

Steam cleaners are a great cleaning solution for cork floors as they provide deep cleaning by removing dirt, grime and bacteria from the surface. They employ hot steam to break down and eliminate dirt, and subsequently vacuum it up

Cleaning cork floors presents a challenge, but utilising the appropriate cleaning machine significantly simplifies the task. A hard floor scrubber proves highly effective in cleansing cork floors by extracting embedded dirt and grime from the cork’s pores. Similarly, an orbital floor machine can gently agitate and loosen dirt and grime without causing any harm to the cork. Cork floors can also be cleaned using a steam cleaner, harnessing its high heat and pressure to eliminate bacteria and eradicate dirt and grime. For routine cleaning, individuals can opt for a mop and bucket with microfiber mop pads or a spray mop with microfiber mop pads. These options proficiently trap dirt and grime while preserving the integrity of the cork.

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