Nilfisk-UHR70-1700, Diamond floor polishing

Top 3 Best Cleaning Machines for Diamond Floor Polishing

  1. Rotary Scrubbers: A rotary scrubber machine is a powerful and effective tool for cleaning and diamond floor polishing. It uses a spinning brush head to scrub the floor and remove dirt and debris, leaving a clean and polished surface.
  2. High-speed Burnisher: A high-speed burnisher is designed for fast and efficient for diamond floor polishing. It operates at high speeds, typically over 3,000 RPM, and uses a rotating pad to buff and polish the floor.
  3. Scrubber Dryers: An auto scrubber is a machine that uses a rotating brush to clean and scrub the floor, leaving it free of dirt and grime. It is ideal for use on diamond floor polishing, as it can remove even the toughest of stains and marks.

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