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Steam cleaners for commercial kitchens and restaurants

Hygiene as well as cleanliness is vital in the food processing industry. When it comes to meeting the high sanitization criteria, no corners can be left unturned. Using a steam cleaner can help to avoid food contamination during preparation and packaging as well as cut through the toughest of built up stains and residue such as oil, sugar deposits, grease and mould whilst eliminating bacteria and infections, all without the usage of chemical solutions.

From little bakeshops to huge food-processing plants, a steam cleaner with its many tools can adapt to a variety of tasks. 

  • Oil removal for cooking surfaces, stoves and grills.
  • Tools sanitization including slicers, scales and racking.
  • Disinfection of any type of surfaces in contact with food as well as grout and tiles in kitchen areas.
  • Tarnish removal on conveyor belts.
  • Build up residue on stoves, hoods, burners and vents.
  • General sanitization of cooking areas.
  • The build up of residue on floors.

By using steam to clean your commercial kitchen or restaurant, you are not only providing a safe and clean environment to prepare and cook food but you are also fulfilling your legal responsibilities as the owner of your establishment.

At Cleaning equipment Services, we have a wide range of steam cleaners to suit your needs.

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