Service and maintenance of your industrial cleaning machines.

The purchase of an industrial cleaning machine such as a scrubber dryer, or sweeper can be costly but these machines are capable of tackling the most challenging of cleaning tasks therefore increasing productivity and reducing labour costs.

An Industrial Cleaning machine such as a scrubber dryer for example, will have many parts including hoses, squeegees, vacuum motors and filters which all need to be checked regularly for damage and blockages.  Scheduling in regular service and maintenance checks will help to lower costs by identifying any potential problems early, leading to a longer lifespan and greater reliability of your machinery. 

Taking these preventative measures may be an expense but checks can be arranged around work time when more convenient reducing the chances of a major breakdown at peak times leading to additional staffing and labour costs.  The biggest expense to any cleaning operation is labour!

Following the purchase of your equipment, it is essential to read the maintenance instructions.  Carrying out simple, regular checks can avoid prolonged downtime of your machinery, less costs to your business and ultimately a faster return of your investment.

Cleaning Equipment services have a wide range of Industrial cleaning machines for sale.  Upon purchasing a machine through us we can offer a service plan to suit your needs. Our qualified engineers will carry out a full service either on site or at our workshops ensuring that you are getting the best performance from your equipment at all times. 

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