Original price was: £895.00.Current price is: £345.00. + vat-61%   (£414.00 inc vat)


New Victory Electrostatic Sprayer/Fogger

Original price was: £895.00.Current price is: £345.00. + vat-61%   (£414.00 inc vat)

  • Battery Powered
  • 4 Hours Continuous Spray Time
  • Charge Time 90 Minutes 
  • Up To 93m2 On A Single Tank 
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The Victory Electrostatic Spray Cleaning Machine, a cordless professional electrostatic sprayer, provides users with hours of spraying time without the inconvenience of a cord. Its design focuses on time-saving capabilities, minimizing liquid usage while effectively covering a wide range of surfaces.


Complete With: Carry Case, Battery & Charger

The Victory Electrostatic Spray Cleaning Machine offers a user-friendly design suitable for almost anyone. To begin, simply fill the solution tank with an appropriate detergent, activate the electrostatic switch, and pull the trigger. The machine is now ready for operation.

This machine’s design prevents surface contact after use, making it quick and user-friendly (depending on the solution). It also reduces the risk of cross contamination as spray and wiping can move bacteria from one surface to another.

The electrostatic process makes the liquid cling to the surface in a uniform manner and creates an even spread without using lots of chemicals. The particles hold this charge for 2-3 seconds this prevents the liquid from dripping off of surfaces, helping to create a barrier on unseen surfaces underneath or in hidden areas.

This machine is very lightweight at just 2.6kg with a full solution tank, it is cordless and has a 4-hour operating time on a single charge. They are suitable for so many environments and solutions, these are also a very eco-friendly way to disinfect areas and use up to 65% fewer chemicals per square foot.

The Victory Electrostatic Spray Cleaning Machine has a 3 in 1 nozzle so the user can easily adjust the particle size to match the environment and the detergent being used.

Key Features:

  • Weight only 2.6 Kilos with a full tank
  • Easy to Operate & Integrated LED light
  • Eco Friendly, Cordless and long battery life
  • Touchless Application: There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces. This provides a fast and effective application method while using less solution.

Technical Specification:

  •  Cordless design & Ergonomic Handle
  •  3-in-1 nozzle lets you set the spray particle size to match your application
  •  Lithium Battery 16.8V – 3400 mAh – Charge Time 90 Minutes – Up to 04 hours continuous spray time
  •  Easy Fill HDPE (1 Litre) refillable tank allows you to coat up to 2800 sq. ft. on 40-micron setting
  •  Optimum Spray Distance 06 meter – 0.9 meter from the target
  •  Replaceable/rechargeable battery
  •  Flow Rate 40 micron / 3.1 oz per minute 80 micron / 3.8 oz. per minute 110 micron / 10.5 oz. per minute
  •  1-year limited warranty and after sales service & repairs
  •  After sales support, maintenance & repairs


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