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Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray R251 400ml

Original price was: £14.16.Current price is: £10.99. + vat-22%   (£13.19 inc vat)

  • Very Effective
  • Works On Various Surfaces
  • Quick Penetration

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    Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray Features :

    Versatile Surface Application:

    The Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray is designed to cater to a diverse range of surfaces, making it an ideal choice for various materials, including plastics, wood, metal, glass, and most painted surfaces. Its versatility allows users to address graffiti-related concerns across different substrates with ease.

    Effective Wetting Agents:

    Formulated with potent wetting agents, this graffiti remover ensures effective penetration, facilitating the swift breakdown and removal of unwanted markings. The wetting agents enhance the product’s ability to permeate the graffiti, resulting in a quicker and more efficient removal process.

    Methylene Chloride-Free Formulation:

    Tygris prioritises safety and environmental consciousness by formulating the Graffiti Remover without methylene chloride. This decision not only ensures the safety of users but also reflects a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

    Easy Application:

    The user-friendly design of Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray simplifies the application process, allowing both professionals and DIY enthusiasts to apply the solution effortlessly. Its ease of use enhances the overall experience, making graffiti removal a hassle-free task.

    Rapid Penetration:

    The spray’s rapid penetration capabilities set it apart, ensuring that the formula acts swiftly on graffiti, minimising the time and effort required for effective removal. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where prompt action is essential.

    Fast Drying:

    Tygris understands the need for efficiency, and the Graffiti Remover reflects this commitment with its fast-drying formula. The rapid drying time not only expedites the graffiti removal process but also minimises downtime, allowing surfaces to be restored quickly.

    In summary, Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray stands out as a potent and versatile solution, offering a range of features that prioritise effectiveness, safety, and user convenience. With its ability to work on multiple surfaces and rapid action, this product emerges as a reliable choice for those seeking efficient graffiti removal.


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