£7.00 + vat-30%   (£8.40 inc vat)


Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray R251 400ml

£7.00 + vat-30%   (£8.40 inc vat)

  • Very Effective
  • Works On Various Surfaces
  • Quick Penetration
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Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray is a very strong substance formulated for rapid penetration for fast removal of graffiti.

Tygris R251 is a powerful solvent and wetting agent based formulation making the removal of unwanted markings quick and effective, with minimal effect on the substrate. Will remove graffiti from plastics, wood, metal, glass, and most painted surfaces.

Tygris Graffiti Remover Spray Features :

  • Use on a wide range of surfaces including many plastics.
  • Wetting agents make for effective penetration.
  • Methylene Chloride free.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Rapid penetration.
  • Fast drying.


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