Original price was: £3,645.00.Current price is: £2,879.00. + vat-21%   (£3,454.80 inc vat)


Truvox MW440 Pump New MAINS POWERED Floor Scrubber Dryer

Original price was: £3,645.00.Current price is: £2,879.00. + vat-21%   (£3,454.80 inc vat)

  • 44cm/17″ Cleaning Width
  • 4 Litre Solution Tank
  • Multi-Surface For Various Floor Types

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The Truvox MW440 Pump New MAINS POWERED Scrubber Dryer is a highly efficient and versatile twin brush multi-surface Scrubber Dryer that operates in both forward and backward motions. This exceptional cleaning equipment effectively cleans a wide range of surfaces, such as non-slip safety floors, tiles, grouting, carpets, escalators, matting, and more. It excels at reaching into corners, ensuring a thorough clean throughout the area. With its superior performance, it swiftly cleans surfaces and leaves them ready for walking within minutes.



Complete With: Standard Brushes.

Our multi-purpose floor cleaning machines offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for various floor maintenance tasks. Capable of washing, mopping, scrubbing, and drying in a single pass, these machines are versatile and adaptable to different types of floor coverings, including both hard and soft surfaces. The integrated features ensure thorough cleaning, making them indispensable for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in diverse environments.

Highly effective on most floor surfaces including “difficult” floors such as:

Escalators and travelators: Tackling the intricate and often hard-to-reach components of escalators and travelators, this cleaning solution excels in removing dirt, grime, and residues. Its precision ensures a thorough clean, maintaining the aesthetic appeal and functionality of these high-traffic areas.

Non-slip safety floors: Non-slip safety floors demand specialised cleaning, and this product rises to the challenge. Its cleaning formula is designed to effectively cleanse non-slip surfaces without compromising their safety features, ensuring a clean and secure environment.

Low pile carpets: Adapting to various floor textures, including low pile carpets, this cleaning solution proves its versatility. It penetrates carpet fibres to lift and remove embedded dirt, leaving carpets not only visibly cleaner but also rejuvenated in texture.

Entrance matting: Recognising the importance of maintaining a pristine entrance, this product excels in cleaning entrance matting. It efficiently removes dirt and debris, contributing to a clean and welcoming entryway that leaves a positive first impression on visitors.

Key features:

– Excellent manoeuvrability and productivity.
– Quiet in operation which makes it ideal for daytime cleaning & use in healthcare environments.
– Accessible and removable tanks for fast filling, emptying and cleaning.
– Leaves floors ready to walk on in minutes.
– Available in different cleaning widths – 24 cm,  34 cm and 44 cm.
– Choice of brushes for normal, maintenance cleaning or intensive scrubbing.
– Brushes can be removed without tools.

The Truvox MW440 Pump New MAINS POWERED Scrubber Dryer is ideal for:
– Food service areas
– Hospitals
– Nursing homes
– Retail premises
– Schools

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