£86.00 + vat-21%   (£103.20 inc vat)


SPRiNTUS Ares Professional Dry Vacuum Cleaner

£86.00 + vat-21%   (£103.20 inc vat)

  • Comes With Complete Cleaning Kit
  • 10 Litre Container 
  • Only 4.6kg Total Weight 
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SPRiNTUS Ares Professional Dry Vacuum Cleaner (115.003)
(240v Mains power)


Supplied With: Standard Cleaning kit

Optional extras: 6 possible options available on request
(115.113 Pack of 10 Fleece bags – £12.99+Vat)

The SPRiNTUS Ares, the compact entry-level model of the SPRiNTUS energy dry vacuum cleaners, convinces with its agility and quality, which clearly distinguish the Ares from other entry-level vacuum cleaners.

A high suction power and an efficient 700 watt engine are must-haves for SPRiNTUS vacuum cleaners and allow the compact and reliable Ares to be a dynamic partner in the professional cleaning industry.

Part of the extensive equipment are high quality aluminium poles, which are in accordance with the high SPRiNTUS quality standards. The robust, 2 m long memory-flex vacuum hose and a 8 m power cord, ensure a operating radius of 10 m. Due to the standard 2in1 crevice and upholstery nozzle, even hard to reach places and delicate areas can be cleaned.

Thanks to its compact size and extensive equipment, the SPRiNTUS Ares is a versatile dry vacuum, which can take on even larger cleaning challenges.


SPRiNTUS Ares Professional Dry Vacuum Cleaner Features:

Dust-free disposal of dirt through lockable, 5-layer fleece filter bag

Convenient, one-handed transport due to low weight and compact dimensions

Lateral parking position for the suction harness

Comfortable operation by foot operation of the large on / off switch


SPRiNTUS Ares Professional Dry Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for:

Ideal for companies in the construction sector, metalworking industry and foundries

Suitable for use in production halls, warehouses, logistics buildings and heavy industry facilities

Also for applications in open halls, external warehouses, loading bays and on construction sites


Technical Specifications:

Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Max Power700w
Sound pressure level64 LpA [dB]
Container materialPlastic
Container volume10l (Gross)
Filter bag volume7.5l
Length of power cord8m
Length of suction hose2m
Diameter of suction hose32mm
Diameter of suction tube32mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)34 x 33 x 31,5 cm

Additional information

Weight6.5 kg


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