£3,495.00 + vat-30%   (£4,194.00 inc vat)


Pure Steam Cleaners 6.5KW Carwash-E Industrial Steam Only Cleaner

£3,495.00 + vat-30%   (£4,194.00 inc vat)

  • 8 Bar Steam Pressure
  • 7.8Kg Per Hour Steam Volume
  • For Various Industrial Use
  • 6.5KW 3 Phase
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Pure Steam Cleaners 6.5KW Carwash-E Industrial Steam Only Cleaner is a very powerful industrial 8 bar  pressure steam cleaning machine. 

Cleans, kills bacteria, dissolves grease & grime using dry steam at 8 bar pressure. Comes with a range of accessories including detailed nozzles etc for a variety of tasks.

This machine is very effective in deep cleaning engine, engine bays, machinery without using any chemicals.  


Pure Steam Cleaners 6.5KW Carwash-E Industrial Steam Only Cleaner Complete With:
(5m Steam hose, Steam Nebulizer, Steam Lance and a PVC Detail Brush)

Additional options available: 8m Mechanical gun and hose plus many other detail nozzles, please ask for more details


The Pure Steam Cleaners Carwash-E is one of the most powerful single-phase steam cleaners on the market today. It has all the power and capacity to meet the most demanding industrial jobs.

It produces steam at a pressure of 8 bar with an enormous volume of 7.8 kg/hr. Its 10 litre water reservoir gives hours of continuous running time on one top-up.

1 KW power creates a steam flow equal to 1,2 kg/h (20 g/min). The efficiency of steam is proportional to its flow not to its pressure, there is no point in having high pressure and a low flow.

The Pure Steam Cleaners Carwash-E utilises the latest steam technology and uses very little water with no harsh chemicals. Thus providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

All our Steam Cleaners have COPPER BOILERS with EXTERNAL HEATING ELEMENTS. This means that they are not only EXPLOSION PROOF

Even when used for 8 hours per day lime scale is not a problem as they all have a patent method of cleaning out the boiler which takes Just 5 minutes a month.

Pure Steam Cleaners 6.5KW Carwash-E Industrial Steam Only Cleaner Features:

Steam jet adjustable.
Boiler automatically refilled
Accessory kit for cleaning

Pure Steam Cleaners Carwash-E effectively removes grease, tar, oil and other types of dirt. Many accessories can be used with this machine and make it possible to treat different surfaces.  A constant supply of steam at high pressure ensures efficient cleaning and disinfection.




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