£1,011.00 + vat-6%   (£1,213.20 inc vat)


New Victor Lynx 20 HS Burnisher

£1,011.00 + vat-6%   (£1,213.20 inc vat)

  • 500mm / 20″ Working Width
  • High Speed 800rpm
  • Straight Line Operation
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The New Victor Lynx 20 HS Burnisher range of burnishers offers sleek styling and powerful performance to clean and produce a high shine on any polished floor. Operating in a straight line the Lynx is easy to use even for a novice.


Complete With: Pad board.

Key Features of the New Victor Lynx 20 HS Burnisher:

Versatile Cleaning:

Adjustable dust control skirt for spray cleaning or dust containment during burnishing.

Silent Dust Collection:

Innovative passive system captures every speck during burnishing.

Easy removal with strategically positioned dust bag.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Optional exhauster unit for active vacuumation.

Recognizes diverse cleaning needs for impeccable results.

Innovative Solution Dispensing:

Precise application of cleaning solution directly onto the pad and floor.

Maintains air quality with targeted cleaning power.

Comprehensive Solution:

Sets a new standard for cleaning performance and convenience.

Elevate cleanliness with a streamlined and efficient approach.

The versatile dust control skirt of the New Victor Lynx 20 HS Burnisher caters to various cleaning needs. Moreover, with its adjustable design, you can effortlessly raise the skirt for effective spray cleaning, guaranteeing thorough and pristine results. Conversely, when burnishing, simply lower the skirt to capture and contain any dust particles, keeping your environment clean and dust-free.

The cutting-edge silent passive dust collection system integrated into this advanced burnisher is a game-changer. Leaves no room for compromises, diligently capturing every speck of dust during burnishing for impeccable cleanliness. The machine seamlessly directs all captured dust into a strategically positioned bag at its front. As a result, removing the accumulated dust becomes an absolute breeze, effectively saving you valuable time and effort.

The New Victor Lynx 20 HS Burnisher recognises diverse cleaning needs. Additionally, it offers the option of incorporating an exhauster unit for active vacuumation. This enhancement ensures even greater efficiency and precision in capturing dust and debris, leaving your floors impeccably clean and polished.

Moreover, for areas where spray cleaning is not an optimal solution, this innovative machine has got you covered. With its cleverly designed solution dispenser ingeniously placed on the machine, you can now control and directly apply cleaning solution onto the pad and floor. No longer will cleaning agents disperse in the air; this cutting-edge feature delivers cleaning power precisely where it’s needed, ensuring maximum effectiveness while maintaining air quality.

With the New Victor Lynx 20 HS Burnisher, you have a comprehensive and efficient cleaning solution at your disposal. Not only does it feature a versatile dust control skirt and a silent passive dust collection system, but it also offers the option for active vacuumation or targeted solution dispensing. This innovative machine sets a new standard for cleaning performance and convenience. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines and welcome a streamlined and effective approach that will elevate the cleanliness of your space to unprecedented levels.

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