£978.00 + vat-6%   (£1,173.60 inc vat)


New Victor Lynx 17 HS Burnisher

£978.00 + vat-6%   (£1,173.60 inc vat)

  • 430mm / 17″ Working Width
  • High Speed 800rpm
  • Straight Line Operation
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The New Victor Lynx 17 HS Burnisher range of burnishers offers sleek styling and powerful performance to clean and produce a high shine on any polished floor. Operating in a straight line the Lynx is easy to use even for a novice.


Complete With: Pad Board


The versatile dust control skirt of the New Victor Lynx 17 HS Burnisher provides you with flexibility in cleaning options. With the ability to raise the skirt, you can effectively engage in spray cleaning, ensuring thorough and efficient results. Conversely, by lowering the skirt, you can capture dust particles produced during the burnishing process, maintaining a cleaner environment.

To further enhance the cleanliness of your surroundings, the burnisher is equipped with a silent passive dust collection system. This advanced system diligently gathers all dust created during burnishing, leaving no room for particles to linger. The machine directs the collected dust into a conveniently positioned bag at the front, allowing effortless and hassle-free removal.

For those seeking an even more comprehensive dust extraction solution, the New Victor Lynx 17 HS Burnisher offers the option to incorporate an exhaust unit. This valuable addition ensures active vacuumation, effectively capturing and eliminating dust particles during operation.

In situations where traditional spray cleaning methods are not suitable, the burnisher presents an innovative solution. Equipped with a dedicated solution dispenser, conveniently situated on the machine, it precisely dispenses cleaning solution directly onto the pad and floor. This ingenious feature minimises airborne dispersal, allowing for a controlled and targeted application of the cleaning solution, resulting in a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

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