£995.00 + vat-69%   (£1,194.00 inc vat)


Fimap Minny My 16 B Refurbished Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer

£995.00 + vat-69%   (£1,194.00 inc vat)

  • 41cm/14″ Scrubbing Width
  • 22 Litre Solution Tank
  • 770 sq m Coverage Per Charge

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The Fimap Minny My 16 B Refurbished Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer turns on the spot, great for tight spaces and obstacles. Leaves floor perfectly dry.


Complete With: Gel Battery kit, Brush or pad as required, Charger, Squeegee blades.


The Fimap Minny My 16 B scrubbing machine comes highly recommended for efficiently cleaning floors in small, cluttered areas of up to 1,300 sq.m. This compact and easily manageable scrubbing machine is perfect for tackling small surfaces, including garages, electrical workshops, tyre shops, mechanical workshops, professional studios, and shops.

Carrying out maintenance cleaning operations at the end of the workday becomes a breeze with the My 16 B. In just over an hour, it ensures a perfectly clean and sanitised flooring. Thanks to its powerful capabilities, this scrubbing machine swiftly eliminates dirt and grime, leaving the floors spotless and safe.

The My 16 B is designed to optimise cleaning tasks, and its effectiveness in confined spaces cannot be overstated. Even in tight corners and narrow passageways, it excels, ensuring no area is left untouched. With its assertive performance, you can trust this machine to deliver exceptional results consistently.

Furthermore, its user-friendly design and intuitive controls make it easy for anyone to operate. Transitioning from manual cleaning to using the My 16 B significantly improves efficiency and saves valuable time. Its compact size also means easy storage when not in use.

In conclusion, if you need a powerful and reliable scrubbing machine for small areas, the Fimap Minny My 16 B is the perfect choice. Embrace its capabilities and transform your cleaning routines into quick and productive endeavours.

How Are Our Machines Refurbished?

All Refurbished Machines are dismantled & inspected with any worn or damaged parts replaced. Bodywork is cleaned, restored and treated to look as good as new. The machines are then supplied:
– Fully Serviced
– With New Consumables, Filters, Brushes, Blades Etc.
– With All Accessories Required For Immediate Use
– Set-up & Tested
– Ready To Go!

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– Free Advice
– Training Available
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– Spread Your Costs With Optional Finance
– 6 Months Guarantee On All Machines
– 12 Months Guarantee On All Batteries
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