£795.00 + vat-64%   (£954.00 inc vat)


Fimap Genie XS Refurbished Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer

£795.00 + vat-64%   (£954.00 inc vat)

  • 28cm/11″ Scrubbing Width
  • 3 Litre Solution Tank
  • 275 sq m Coverage Per Charge

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The Fimap Genie XS Refurbished Battery Scrubber Dryer is a compact machine designed to work in small areas, complete with a lithium battery for regular short cleaning tasks.


Complete With: Lithium Battery kit, Pad or Brush, 240v Charger, Squeegee blades.

The Fimap Genie XS Refurbished Battery Scrubber Dryer is portable and lightweight so you can take it wherever you need it. The floor is clean and dry with just one pass.

The lithium ion battery ensures constant reliable performance during operation and it allows for a quick recharge time.

The innovative rotary head is equipped with a parabolic squeegee bar which continuously follows the direction of the machine. This is a perfect design for washing & drying in any direction and even the most inaccessible corners. The brush on this machine is offset laterally relative to the machine housing, this is perfect for cleaning along walls & making sure that the entire floor surface in a room is hygienically washed.

This machine is designed with comfort in mind, the control panel height can be easily adjusted to suit the stature of the operator & reduce back fatigue. The panel is covered in soft-touch, anti-slip material for a sure, comfortable grip.

The Fimap Genie Xs also features an eco mode. This is ideal for maintenance cleaning, as it ensures perfect hygiene with no wastage. It also has a single button for optimising detergent solution usage & energy consumption. This feature also makes the machine much quieter during operation allowing it to be used at any time of the day without disturbing people around you.

Fimap Genie XS is designed & manufactured with an aluminium base & chassis. This makes the machine both lightweight & sturdy. The lightweight nature of this machine makes it easier for the operator to use and easy to carry up and down stairs.

The handle of this machine can be folded down making the machine easy to carry, alternatively, the machine’s large rear wheels can be used to push the machine around.






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