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Pressure washers for outdoor spaces

With the summer months approaching, the great outdoors is a wonderful place to spend your time with family and friends. Parks and recreational grounds are a great place to meet up for gatherings and parties.

Whilst the little ones head off into the playground to play on the swings and slides, the older kids may head off to the ball courts. People will be heading out for out for dog walks along the paths, or maybe for a sit down on a picnic table to eat their lunch or just on a park bench to take in the fresh air.

With all this activity our recreational parks can get very busy, some months more than others and so of course our parks are bounds to get dirty. And who would want to spend time in a dirty park?

To make more efficient use of manpower and time, pressure washing is the most effective way to maintain our recreational facilities.

A pressure washer has an innovative nozzle design, providing optimum cleaning and saving over 50 percent of the water that a running hose pipe wastes. There is a wide range of pressure washers and attachments to suit all areas whether it is the climbing equipment in the children’s park, the basketball courts or the benches we sit on and even down to the car parks we park in whilst we have all this fun!

For larger areas there is a hard surface cleaner which attaches to the end of the nozzle and cleans 10 times faster than the standard nozzle. This would be ideal for the car park areas and the floor areas in a playground. There is also the option of a hot or cold pressure washer. A cold pressure washer is more widely used. It can blast through dirt and grime over a large area quickly and effectively. It is also smaller so more portable and because it is using cold water it will be more cost effective and less maintenance will be required.

A hot pressure washer will work in very much the same way as a cold one but with the added benefit of heat!  The heat will soften the grime and grease breaking it down much easier. However, due to the complexity of the machine being heated, it will be bulkier and less portable and also more expensive to run but for areas that may require sterilization, this will be a good option.

By taking the time to thoroughly clean these areas once or twice a year, you will be maintaining the overall appearance and cleanliness which will ultimately encourage people to carry on using the great outdoor space.

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