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The latest addition to our growing list of charities that we support is the international non-profit organisation called Sea Shepherd. This organisation is a dangerous, life-risking job with the aim to protect the species and the ecosystem to ensure a surviving future by ending wildlife and habitat destruction. The over 40 years old organisation directly involves themselves and acts when illegal activities occur within the seas. They act by investigating, documenting, educating, and taking action. Actions that take place are protecting and restoring coastal and marine regions, beach clean-ups, remove ‘ghost’ fishing gear from the coastline, and exposing dolphins and pilot whales killing in the Danish Faroe Islands. Recent campaigns that have taken place include:

Seal Defence Champaign

The aim of this campaign was to discourage/prevent the illegal killing of the UK and European Union protected species, the seals. This was achieved by the monitoring of wild salmon netting activities by companies and fish farms. This campaign lasted more than two years with an overall of 71 volunteers from 12 countries. This campaign’s consequence was a reduced number of seals being shot. From 120 shot seals back in 2013 to under 10 in 2015 and then a year later after the campaign under 30 were shot. Throughout this campaign, a number of illegal fishing has been found and reported. Overall around 200 animals were saved.

Ghost net Campaign

In England and Wales, the ghost net campaign took place in 2018 – 2019 to remove ghost nets. Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been left or lost by fishermen at sea. These nets get caught on solids within the water such as rocks or reefs. Due to the net material, these last within the water for decades attracting and killing marine wildlife for a long period of time. Sea Shepherds teamed up with Marine Management Organisation to help cautiously remove the ghost nets to encourage a less deadly sea for the wildlife.

Other activities that take place with Sea Shepherd include:

Pilot Whale Defence – a documented kills of dolphins and pilot whales in Grindadrap hunts by filming with drones and finding close relations to Faroe island’s fish farm sites.

Educating drone films from Japan to educate others on the hunting and trading of small cetaceans. These were conveyed through daily live streaming.

Contribution to the process of ‘operation 404’ which its goal is to end every trade and hunting in wild dolphins. Also, end captivity around the globe for dolphins and whales.

Offers rewards for information to help end illegal marine wildlife crimes (such as the killing of endangered or protected marine wildlife) located in the UK’s waters.

250 educational talk events yearly in the UK and Jersey.

Continuous ethical financial support for international marine conservation projects. 

We’re proud to support the great work these guys do, you can check out their website for more information here

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