Cleaning offices, shops, factories, warehehouses etc is more important that ever in the current climate. Tests have been carried out comparing cleaning with scrubber dryers rather than mops to find out if hiring a floor scrubber is really necessary.

Benefits of Using Cleaning Machines Versus Mops

Why is it so important to keep floors hygienically clean?  Not taking into consideration the current crisis, we have as many as 50 direct and indirect contacts with floors every single day. On top of that, cross contamination is possible if the floor is contaminated, as it’s often the way.  You might be familiar the […]

Coronavirus Covid-19 Corona Virus Protection Update. With the threat of Corona (Covid-19) Virus, Deep Cleaning, Sanitizing and Decontamination Is So Important

Covid-19 and Cleaning

Guidelines are updated regularly, please bear that in mind, when reading any information about Covid-19. Cleaning has become confusing for many people, not knowing what methods and products actually kill the Coronavirus, so here is a list of important points that will provide you with confidence when tackling your business premises. Remember, if you can […]

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